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“Our goal is your complete satisfaction & to only hear from you again when you rescue a new hound.”

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Winter Coats, Fleeces, Rain Coats, Flannel Jackets, Pajamas, and Greyhound Vests... Everything you could possibly need to protect your retired greyhound from the elements.  

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Designer coats and fleeces for your greyhound.

<WINTER NEWS SECTION> Expect about 2 week for items not in inventory to be sewn and shipped. We have several outfits in stock, so if you need something immediately email us to ask what we have in your hound’s size.  There are several hundred items in stock this fall, we can find something that suits your need.  Items requiring embroidery (such as vests) may take 4+ weeks.  

A new premium nylon shell is now being offered as an option in our Exploring collection for winter coats.  These shells are a heavier denier weight nylon that come in some very attractive colors that have a bit of a shimmer to them.  The new nylon is a bit more expensive but gives some trendy color options to the economy line for just and extra $10.  These same nylon shells are going to be offered in our Poncho Villa collection (for the same additional cost) finally giving everyone some choice in our rain coat colors!

At Greyt Gear by MJ, we strive to produce top quality greyhound coats and fleeces.  We provide a wide array of items from light-weight Pjs to very warm winter coats for your retired greyhound.  We also produce designer fleeces that offer your hound more than just basic prints or colors.  Our designer greyhound fleeces set your hound apart with style and class.  All products are handmade with quality fabric and great love right here in the USA!  

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